Alina Los Angeles
Mindful life & travel
About me
I'm a travel blogger who leads mindful and positive life.
I love photography, vlogging, books and new experiences.
My travel & lifestyle
Where am I from
and where do I live
I'm from Moscow, Russia. After a successful career of a tour guide in Moscow, I decided to become a tourist myself and set off on a journey around America.
I've been in Miami, Las Vegas, Wahington DC, Seattle and Portland.
I've lived in New York, San Francisco and now I call Los Angeles home.
What I do for work
I worked as a tour guide back in Russia, and I loved it as I met a lot of amazing people all the time from all over the world.. In 2014 I took the plunge and moved to the USA to start a new life and my own travel business here.
That was one of the best decisions in my life.
What I do in free time
I work out almost every day. Also, in my free time I love taking TikTok videos and editing my photos and vlogs. I also take a lot of courses and read books on self-development, every day.

I have my Top-100 must-read list that I'm working on at the moment. I'm taking at least one new course every 2 weeks and I love it, as I keep gaining new skills all the time and I use them in my travel blog and business.
Q & A
How do you describe your personality? Mindful, positive, laid-back.

Your philosophy? "Stronger than yesterday". Every day I get some experiences, learn something new, do something new, so every single day I'm a better version of myself no matter what I'm going through in each particular period of my life.

Your story? I was a tour guide in Moscow, moved to America, started my travel business here. Always loved photography and video making, so these 3 resulted in creating my Instagram blog

Profession? I have an English teaching degree so I'm also an English coach. I love communicating with people and I love coaching because I met so many amazing people along the way and I enjoy being helpful to people.

Your passions? Books. I try to learn something new every day and books are the ultimate source of structured information for me. I prefer books to articles because I love structure and I always practice systematic approach to everything in my life.

Morning routine? I try to have my Miracle Morning every day. I won't use my mobile phone for the first hour as I need this time to set myself up for a great productive day – I will mediate on my balcony, take a short walk in my neighborhood to get some fresh air, get my blood flowing and ideas running. I always plan my day the night before so it saves my time in the morning and helps me to stay focused.

Best vacation? Every holiday is the best holiday for me, because every journey is unique in its own way. I can name 100 reasons why I loved each and every holiday in my life. I love Planet Earth, it's a gorgeous place to live and travel. Every country and city amazes me a ton!

What languages do you speak? Russian is my native language. I speak fluent English. I also learnt French and German in school, but that was long time ago haha.

Favorite things to do on weekends? Scouting Los Angeles for hidden gems and instagrammable spots.

Favorite thing in your wardrobe? My black leather pants.

Things we don't know about you? I'm deeply interested in quantum physics and reading The Field by Lynne McTaggart at the moment. Once I discovered how the Universe works, my life will never be the same. If you were also wondering why things are as they are and why we come to this world – dive in! It's mind blowing!


Quickies! What is your favorite…?

Places: Coffeeshops and hotels.

Movie: Tourist. Decadent, stylish, with a lot of ambiance.

Chillout EDM best reflects me and my lifestyle. Relaxed, but focused. Happy and excited, but calm.

Color: Black, rose pink and gold.

Season: Spring, the time of awakening, rebirth and inspiration for me.

Shop: Online boutiques.

Food: Healthy.

Drink: Water.

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